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The Thomas-Jung Type IndicatorSM is the first truly “objective” personality typing system suitable for use as a pre-interview screening tool as well as a career-counseling tool.  Our proprietary technology allows employers to screen hundreds of job applicants efficiently and to quickly identify those candidates who have the right type of personality for the specific position or job.  We also provide individuals unique insight into their personalities strengths and weaknesses, setting the stage for tremendous personal and professional growth. 

Employers can no longer rely on resumes alone.  At best, a resume provides a one-dimensional view of a potential employee.  At worst, it is fiction stitched together by a professional writer.  But employers get a lot of them, demanding a great deal of their time and attention.  For companies focused on growth, the time and money wasted on fruitless interviews -- not to mention the time and money wasted on mediocrity, bad hires and high turnover – can be stifling.  Efficiency demands a simple, accurate solution. The Thomas-Jung Type IndicatorSM gives employers a big hiring advantage.  It identifies the job candidates who have the best personalities for the job or position… even before time and money are wasted inviting in the wrong candidates for an interview.

Each week thousands of individuals take the TJTI Test.  Some may be taking it as part of a job search, others are interested in increasing their self knowledge.  The purpose of the test is not to find out if you have good penmanship, but to objectively determine your “true” personality type.  On one hand, a company may want to know, for its own sake as well as yours, whether you are the right fit for the company’s current needs.  On the other, persons in transition may want to have a detailed, accurate report of their personality preferences to guide them in shaping a lasting and rewarding professional career.

The TJTI exercise takes about 10 minutes to complete. After receiving the results of your test our analysts determine your

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