Why is it important to know your “true” personality type?

People differ from each other in fundamental ways, including their thoughts and feelings, their wants and beliefs, their words, their values, and their talents. People are born with different personalities, and these differences are central to nearly every aspect of their lives.

The self-knowledge gained through understanding your “true” personality type can enrich a current career experience, or may be the stepping stone to a new rewarding work life. In an employment setting, understanding co-workers improves communication, fostering a healthy work environment. Building project teams around “The Principle of Diverse Personalities” guarantees diversity of thought, enabling work groups to creatively solve problems and innovate. Differing opinions and points of view can stimulate groups to explore divergent views, enhancing the number and range of options that a group may be willing to consider.

Project teams have become an integral part of most corporate environments. Diversity of resources inherent in a team of individuals will enhance the solving of organizational problems. Understanding the personality differences of the individuals will enable teams to identify the skills and abilities each team member brings to a task, and will help minimize conflict by viewing potential sources of misunderstanding as simply natural personality differences.

Personality diversity in the workplace is an issue of increasing importance in contemporary life. With personality diversity comes the benefit of widely different perspectives and such variety can bring breadth, depth, balance, and creativity to an organization. The presence of personality diversity in an organization may have a positive impact on its capacity to learn, and thus, its ability to change in accord with situational need. Knowing one’s “true” personality type works for the employee as well as the employer. Thomas-Jung helps job seekers find the careers they're best suited for and we help employers find the employees best suited for the jobs they have to offer.

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